Trish Sinclair - Artist


a distant peninsula shows behind a light sandy beach where long evening shadows streak across it and Pohutukawa trees straddle the bank – on the side clear pale blue water washes onto the beach

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a chocolate brown background with sparkling reflections and scattered across it are pieces of star anise seeds that catch the light giving them a toffee caramel colour in the distance hills drop to an inlet – on this side of the water long heather coloured grass catches the light and turns it into green waves - the foreground is a band of bright green lawn that sits behind a line of a grey edging lace like waves curl up a cliff face revealing grey, pale yellow ochre and rusty red detailed on diagonal strata marks  taken from the seaward side looking back to a black background with hills just visible followed by rows of grey sand and the silvery light catching the waves washing up the beach  organ pipes run the length of this photo receding into a deep plum coloured background and on the top of the central pipe is a square cross the seascape is divided into bands of deep green hills then bright white sands across the centre with a wash of white surf followed by cerulean blue sea in the foreground the top half has a mix of young trees and deep green bush runs down to a narrow beach where there is a twisted tree that has new foliage and an old  trunk that spreads out along the beach - the bottom half shows the turquoise estuary  a flowering native Manuka bush stands out on a dark background – below the tall grasses standing upright catching the light – these are underlined by a black line followed by a block of deep green grass

I love to take photos late in the day when light plays on the sea and sand and the grasses take on a brightness all of their own. I take my camera with me when I go to the beach - often climbing on sea walls or cliff tops. This way I have found shots of waves heading towards the beach.

The camera was working hard to capture the shots at the Auckland Museum in the dim light but I love the deep gothic look that resulted.