Trish Sinclair - Artist


atmospheric seascapes in gentle shades

Image Gallery

Abstracted sandy beach and low lying clouds Clear fresh sunlit beach with bubbling water in the foreground. A white wave washes over rocks and sand. Above is a soft sky and below are sandy dunes in the distance The sky is the main feature in this image below is a pancake like rocky beach. A bonfire on the beach the waves in the background. The sky is the main feature in this image below is a pancake like rocky beach.

Using colour combinations of soft grey and charcoal I partially obscure layers of red and yellow beneath - revealing snatches of light catching the sand.

The Elements

My abstracted landscapes paintings are about capturing the atmosphere - bringing to life those things like fresh salty air charged with energy after a storm or the sound of water streaming over rocks.

a casually pose of me leaning on a giant kauri tree trunk where I am wearing a white tee shirt and the picture is balanced with accented black in my watch, backpack and glasses
a cheerful fun painting of cyan blue with windsurfer craft across the centre surrounded by gold and red blocks depicting the harbour cobalt blue background with soft edged yellow and red triangular blocks filled with cut out pieces of green and orange and pink linked with a white line and red cut outs A toy town like fun painting diagonal broken ribbons of red and gold flow across the painting with a varied blue river running through the centre and pale blue sky above the oil painting a large block of blended reds, blues and magenta that flow in a gentle pattern oils blended from pale blue to bright emerald with a slash of black and grey through the centre depicting a cliff and the beach below

Lifestyle and Landmarks

I imagine the scene before me from a narrative perspective - like the story of a picnic on the sand - yachts sailing on the harbour.

peering through Pohutukawa tree at the distant coast around the bay

Photographing the beautiful New Zealand coastline has not only been an inspirational resource but a great adventure.

About Me

My background in interior design, floristry and photography has developed into a full time art practice. Over the last four years I'm proud to have exhibited my award winning paintings around Auckland.

a retro picture of Trish sitting on the back of a boat with Rangitoto Island in the distance wearing denims and a turquoise tee shirt